See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Wagyu beef cooked Terry Black BBQ method! Magical beef brisket! Never have I made a better brisket and those who know me, that’s saying something!”
George K. - Former Head Honcho for Jack Stack BBQ

“It was DELICIOUS! We’d had a Wagyu steak at Fogo de Chao before, but my wife said this one was BETTER!”


“5 star every time. From the ground beef to the strips, top quality with great flavor. Organic, grass fed, free range. Even heard the cows are massaged daily. Best meat in KC.”

Zach H.
“Melt in your mouth.”
Bill C.

“I bought some ground beef last weekend from Red Wagyu at City Market KC, I’ll definitely be back for more Incredibly good flavored meat. Can’t wait to get more!”

Susie K.

“Hi, we were hard to convince but we bought 4 fillets…My daughter is soooooo picky about fat and beef, and I’m picky about tenderness. It was fabulous…NOW, I need more! We are giving your fillets for gifts to my son-in-law for Christmas.”

Ginny E.

“We need to get more meat from Pamela Carson! Best steaks and hamburger meat that we have EVER had!!!”

Donna T.

“I cooked the steaks tonight. They were amazing.”

John D.

“Purchased ground burger last week at the city Market. finally cooked some into burgers tonight. Wish we would have thawed out more! Seriously the best tasting meat ever. Such good quality, butter melt in your mouth flavor. didn’t even need to season it. The flavor was so good. I’m coming back to buy more this Sunday. They were so friendly and so upfront about their opinions on the different cuts and am now a life long customer!”

Robi B.