What’s so special about Red Wagyu/Akaushi beef?2021-05-12T21:38:15+00:00
Only 2% of conventional beef/non-Wagyu beef grades prime in the United States, 90% of Wagyu influenced beef grades prime or above. Red Wagyu KC takes it a step further and prides ourselves on consistent Prime Plus grading. With just one taste you will experience the buttery rich flavor of Red Wagyu beef. The unique taste and tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu beef makes for an unrivaled eating experience. This is why Wagyu beef is finding its way into the hands of gourmet cooks, fine restaurants & the kitchens of home cooks.
How is beef at Red Wagyu KC raised?2024-06-24T20:37:12+00:00

Galen and Pam Carson are stewards of their land and their cattle herd. All beef on the farm is humanely raised right here in Missouri, the cows and calves enjoy the wide open lush green pastures while the fats eat a ration of  a well-balanced nutrient rich diet that yields prime homegrown beef from our farm to your table. Absolutely no hormones or steroids are used on the farm. We raise beef that you’re proud to serve your family.

How does ordering beef work?2023-01-16T18:10:02+00:00
Buying beef in a bundle, 1/2, or full is easy with the help of Red Wagyu KC.  When you are ready to place an order, you simply just give us a call 806-225-7278, email beef@redwagyukc.com, or simply shoot us a message on our orders page.  We can then match you with a beef that will be ready for your requested time frame.  We promise you, this is an easy process, just a new way of buying quality beef.  All of us here at Red Wagyu KC are kind, patient, and eager to help.  We will keep you updated every step of the way, from when the beef is delivered to be processed, to the time your meat is ready for pickup or delivery.
What’s the Cost?2024-06-24T20:30:15+00:00

Contact Pam at beef@redwagyukc.com or call/ text 806-225-7278 for current pricing and availability.

Can I customize my beef order?2021-05-10T23:30:57+00:00

The answer is yes!   With the order of a 1/2 or Full Red Wagyu Beef you will have the ability to customize your order to exactly how you would like it.  Pick the cuts of meat you prefer and the thickness of your steak.  It’s here you get to experience it all, Tomahawk ribeye, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Prime Rib, Short Rib Plates, Hotdogs,  Specialty Burgers/Brats and more. 

How will I get my beef?2021-05-10T23:28:12+00:00

If you choose to pick up at the farm we invite you to do so!  This will give you a chance to see the cattle and meet the owners of the operation!  Not only do we have cattle, but the farm is home to over 10 different species of animals for viewing pleasure!  Bring the whole family!  If life is busy, we understand, that is why we also offer delivery for a small fee.  Deliveries will be made at a time that works mutually and within 60 miles of the farm.

How much freezer space will I need?2023-01-16T18:06:28+00:00

We estimate you will need around 4-6 cu. ft for a Ranch Bundle and 8-10 cu. ft for a 1/2.

How Do I stay informed about beef availability and what’s new at Red Wagyu KC?2023-01-16T18:08:24+00:00
We encourage you to like our Facebook page “Red Wagyu KC”.
We will post about upcoming specials, beef availability, and times and dates we will be at River Market KC. You won’t want to miss out!
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