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As the tumbleweeds continued to travel across the now parched land that had seen little to no rain in almost 3 years, we were struggling daily to find hay for our cattle– reduced to feeding straw bales covered in molasses, and forced to disperse the cow herd to areas of OK that had seen moisture and had grass to graze. Knowing we had to make a choice; either sell out completely or move the operation, we as 4th generation cattle raisers couldn’t deny our passion It was decided to make the move to MO. A friend notified us that her Grandmothers century farm was for sale, and thus began the move of Sunset C Ranch, from TX to MO. The cattle arrived in MO before us- there is video of them coming down the chute from the semi and not having ever really seen green grass the driver couldn’t get them to move forward so the other cows could come down the ramp. Needless to say they were happy cows. Over the course of the next few months cattle pens, chutes, machinery was moved the 750 miles (one way). Count was lost on how many trips Galen’s pickup and trailer made. New fencing was put in, barns were updated and 10 months later the U-haul bringing the household items arrived. Did I mention we lived in a camper during this time prior to our century farm home being updated.

Before leaving TX we introduced Purebred Akaushi bulls into our herd, also purchasing 3-half blood cows with calves by their side. The herd continued to prosper in their new surroundings. We were now seeing fruits of our labor as the herd began calving F-1 (halfblood) offspring.

From this beginning we have strengthened our cow herd, painstakingly increasing our numbers as we continually upgrade our breeding program and genetics. We are very proud of our humble beginnings and take great pride in our mission to support the Red Wagyu (Akaushi) Breed, our fellow cattle producers and the Beef Industry as a whole.
Being blessed to live the lifestyle that we love here in rural America, it is our passion to want to educate and share with others the farm and ranch experience. In 2018 we began to offer a place for small gatherings, children’s birthday parties etc. by converting one of the original barns on the property to a small event space. In the time that has followed we have added more entertainment areas, a BnB and countless small animals – goats, peacocks, donkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, mini ponies just to name a few, that are available for interaction with our guests or just to view in their natural habitat.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a visit here at our ranch, where you can experience and learn about our Red Wagyu (Akaushi) business as well as the other activities here on the farm as we go through our daily routine of caring for the livestock. You may be reminded we are a working cattle ranch and some days are an adventure and some are slow and easy.
We continue to be “a work in progress” and are thankful for friends and family that helped make this endeavor a reality. Looking forward to seeing you!

Pam & Galen Carson

24723 Hwy. YY
Concordia, MO 640220
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This lifestyle isn’t just about the animals.
It’s about beliefs and values passed down through generations.
Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come.
It’s all about the … Legacy.

Sunset C B&B

Sunset C Ranch, LLC